Students are taught how to collect seeds of indigenous trees, how to professionally   prepare them for germination, then how to make environmentally friendly pots, how to set up economically viable tree nurseries, how to transfer seedlings from beds to pots and how to transfer the seedlings to their final garden. In this program we have an indigenous tree planting campaign, to combat species extinction and offset carbon emissions to reduce on global warming.
We grow our plants using sustainable practices
We care about people, animals, and the environment and so we strive to provide plants that are sustainably and organically grown.  Plant health begins with soil but growing things in the artificial environment of black polythene bags makes things tricky.  After lots of research, we found some great techniques to provide you with plants that are strong, healthy and raised with love. Our techniques include…
Inoculating plants
We give our plants worm castings and mycorrhizae. Once these beneficial bacteria and fungi inoculate the roots, they help uptake nutrients, retain moisture, and establish successfully once they’re planted out in the real world.